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Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony - Sometimes things don’t go right between you and your builder. That’s a shame, but sometimes you need your own advocate – someone that’s impartial yet fair, thorough and knowledgeable. We are called upon to review construction problems and present our findings in a well-documented report. Most of the time, simply documenting our findings is enough to bring an issue to resolution. Other times, going to court is necessary. We can serve as an ‘expert witness’ in court for all types of proceedings, including arbitrations, mediations, depositions and even trials. We’ve even had some clients tell us that our reports have won their cases for them, even though they didn’t have lawyer!

Energy Savings Analysis

Energy Savings Analysis - Natural gas, propane and electricity prices are all going sky-high. You look at your utility bills every month and groan when they grow to 2-3 times their usual costs. That’s when you wish there was something you could do to lower your utility bills. There is – call us. Whether it’s a simple 1-step review of your homes thermal envelope or a detailed evaluation of the overall building and its system, we can help you cut back on those monthly expenses. Just give us a call.

Building Diagnostics/Forensic Analysis

Condensation, Corrosion and Moisture Investigations

Indoor Air Quality Investigations

Building Condition Surveys

Rain Penetration/Moisture Testing

Heat Loss & Roofing/Infrared Scans

Air Leakage/Blower Door Testing

Air Movement/Air Pressure Field Mapping

Intrusive Disassembly

HVAC System/Flow & Pressure Measurement

Remedial Recommendations

Contract Documents Review

Follow-up Testing


Re-Inspections - We are often asked to re-inspect problem areas disclosed in the original home inspection, after repairs have been made. We are happy to accommodate re-inspection requests, when the prerequisites listed below have been met. It is company policy to not re-inspect repair work that has been done by unlicensed contractors or amateurs

Our re-inspection policy (each criteria must be met):

1. Re-inspections will be performed only within 90 days of the original inspection.

2. Re-inspections will be performed only by the original home inspector.

3. We must be provided a list of the items to be re-inspected.

4. The repair work must be performed by an appropriately licensed contractor.

5. The contractor must provide a receipt indicating the type and quantity of materials used, and a description of the work performed.

6. The contractor must state whether or not the work is warranted, and for how long.

7. The contractor must state if the warranty extends/transfers to the new owner.


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