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One-Year (11th Month) Warranty Inspection

One-Year Warranty Inspection - Often home builders "warranty" a house for a period of one year (sometimes longer): Therefore it is prudent to have a comprehensive home inspection performed shortly before the "warranty" expires so that covered defects and deficiencies can be brought to the attention of the builder for remedy, rather than be a future expense for you, the homeowner.

Even if a new home final inspection was performed a 1-Year Warranty Inspection should not be skipped. Although many deficiencies may be found during a new home final inspection, additional problems and new or previously latent issues are often reveled during the 1-Year Warranty Inspection. A 1-Year Warranty Inspection is particularly important to find and correct problems before they get out of hand

Our comprehensive One-Year Warranty Inspection covers the Structure - Electrical service and equipment - Roof covering and flashings - Attic spaces - Foundation - Central Heating and Air Conditioning - Plumbing - Swimming Pool, including standard equipment - Lawn sprinkler systems - Built-in kitchen appliances, and more.


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