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Tampa area New Construction Phase Inspections

Home inspections for new construction - The best time to catch and correct defects is when the walls are exposed and construction is underway. We know you are busy and may not have the time to learn what you need to know as your home is being built. Let us handle it for you. We will meet with you on site to answer all of your home building questions. We remain available to you after the initial inspection, providing the care and attention that you need by answering any of your questions by personal visit, telephone, or email. It is a mistake to rely solely upon your builder to take care of your best interest during the home building process. Hire a certified and experienced Professional Inspector to be your advocate and knowledge base.

Tampa area New Construction Phase Inspections for new home construction can be custom tailored to fit the needs of the homebuyer. We offer a foundation form inspection, pre-drywall inspection and a final (all utilities turned on) inspection for new construction. These inspections may be purchased separately or in combination. During the new construction inspection process, please know that you must work with us very closely to keep us apprised of the construction schedule so that we arrive at each stage at just the perfect time.

When we are hired by you, we work for you and no one else. It's as simple as that. We will provide answers to all of your questions in an honest manner, as your advocate. We do not have a conflict of interest associated with the profit margin of either building a home or selling a home.

New Home Construction Inspections

Phase One (Pre-Slab) - During this stage, our inspector arrive at your property before the foundation is poured to inspect that everything from rebar to drainage to plumbing, making sure all is in its proper place. This avoids the delays of re-pouring if something is incorrect.

Phase Two (Framing) - At this stage, our inspector will arrive at your property to inspect the rough framing workmanship and quality of materials of exterior walls, roof structure, sheathing, and interior partitions. This particular inspection is most commonly combined with the mechanical inspection during the next Phase.

Phase Three (Pre-Drywall, Framing and Mechanicals) - This is the second most important inspection of the monitoring process. During this stage, our inspector will arrive at your property before the drywall is hung and insulation put in, usually just after the code inspector has done his inspection. We will check the exterior walls, roof structure, sheathing, interior partitions, and proper location of room walls and closets, plus any other items that may apply to your home construction, making sure everything matches the plans and has been constructed according to standard practices using acceptable materials. Mechanical items checked include wiring, plumbing, and ductwork, to make sure everything is in place according to plans.

Phase Four (Final Inspection) - This is the most important inspection of the program and should be performed prior to your final walk-through with the builder. To obtain full value from this inspection, the certificate of occupancy should be issued, the permanent power meter installed, and all mechanical systems started by the mechanical contractor. At this stage, our inspector will inspect the home from top to bottom, completely evaluating all systems.


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