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Summer’s End John Prine
9/5/2022 6:36 AM
Summer"s End by John Prine I had the good fortune fifty years ago to see John Prine in concert. It was a small venue in Cincinnati. I"m not quite sure people understood at the time how talented he was. In my opinion, he was in the same class as Bob Dylan. That said, it turns Read More
Sewage Ejection Pump
9/2/2022 6:27 AM
Sewage Ejection Pump - It"s a Septic Tank Inside Your Home A sewage ejection pump is normally found in a sealed sump pit inside your home. Solid and liquid human body waste flow into the sump. They"re disgusting. The sewage must be pumped up to some pipe where it then flows by gravity to an Read More
Slide and Negative Scanners
8/31/2022 11:09 AM
Color Slide and Color and B&W Negative Scanners In August of 2022, I started a massive project of scanning at least 2,000 color slides and well over 10,000 color and black and white 35mm negatives. Years before I had purchased an affordable miniature scanner, but I had let it languish. It was a Wolverine F2D Read More
Septic Tank Installation
8/31/2022 7:58 AM
Septic Tank Installation - It Can Be DIY with Coaching Septic tank installation is not too hard to do. It starts with a septic design which must be done by a professional. What Size Tank Should I Have? The size of a septic tank is usually determined by the number of bathrooms in a home. Read More
Haughty Professor Bill
8/27/2022 7:56 AM
Haughty Professor Bill Plays Checkers Instead of Chess As you might suspect, I get lots of email from all sorts of people. It"s a kaleidoscope of humanity and I find it fascinating. On Monday, August 22, 2022 I received the following email from Professor Bill who lives in Tulsa, OK: Thank you, Tim Carter, for Read More
Cincinnati April 3 1974 F5 Tornado
8/27/2022 6:30 AM
F5 Cincinnati April 3, 1974 Tornado - Stunning to Behold On April 3, 1974 I witnessed the F5 tornado start to break up and go back up into the sky. I was standing in the middle of Riddle View Lane in Clifton Heights. This tornado had touched ground about 5:30 PM just north of Rising Read More
Solar Panels Return on Investment
8/27/2022 5:52 AM
Solar Panels Return on Investment - Moving Target In August of 2022, Robert reached out to me after receiving last week"s newsletter. Here"s part of what he said: "Along the line of conservation of resources, what are your thoughts on solar panels on one’s home? I live in North Richland Hills, Texas and have been Read More
Why Exterior Paint Peels
8/21/2022 3:36 PM
Why Exterior Paint Peels Two weeks ago in this column I shared why it’s so hard to preserve exterior wood using any number of products. One of them was paint. You may have been one of the many readers that reached out to me. If I had to boil down all the emails I received Read More
What is a Tokonoma?
8/18/2022 9:28 AM
What is a Tokonoma? Only one answer below is correct. Do not CHEAT. Trust the force in your tiny gray cells! Loading… The post What is a Tokonoma? appeared first on Ask the Builder....Read More
Klein Thermal Imager TI 220
8/18/2022 8:23 AM
  Klein Thermal Imager TI 220 I tested the new Klein Thermal Imager and it"s a real dandy. You plug it into a smartphone and the phone"s screen allows you to see the thermal image. I"ve tried no less than three others and this one is: easier to use takes fantastic clear infrared photos is Read More