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ABC, Inc. - Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.
ACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America
ACI - American Concrete Institute
ACI - Association of Construction Inspectors
AGCA - Associated General Contractors Of America
AIA - American Institute of Architects
AISI - American Iron & Steel Institute
ARMCA - Alberta Ready Mixed Concrete Association
ASA - American Subcontractors Association
ASET - American Society of Engineering Technology
ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors
ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
- American Society of Professional Estimators
BOMA - Building Owners and Managers Associations

- Council of American Building Officials
CFMA - Construction Financial Management Association
CSI - Construction Specifications Institute
- The Greater San Antonio Builders Association
HBI - The Home Builders Institute
HIF - Housing Inspection Foundation
- Innovation Centre for Highrise & Multiples
IDA - International Door Association
IECA - International Erosion Control Association
IEEE - The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (USA)
IIDA - International Interior Design Association
IMI - Industrial Materials Institute
IRC - Institute for Research in Construction
IHPA - International Wood Products Association
MLBMA - Michigan Lumber & Building Materials Association
MAHI - The Maryland Association of Home Inspectors
NAHB - The National Association of Home Builders
NAHI - The National Association of Home Inspectors
NARA - North American Refinishers Association
NIBS - National Institute of Building Sciences
NCMA - National Concrete Masonry Association
NECA - National Energy Conservation Association
NIST - National Institute of Standards & Technology
NKBA - National Kitchen & Bath Association
NRC - National Research Council
NRIC - The National Rehabilitation Information Center
NSF - National Science Foundation
- The National Wood Flooring Association
ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SBA - Structural Board Association
SDI - Steel Deck Institute
SDI - Steel Door Institute
SMA - Steel Manufacturers Association
SPRI - Single Ply Roofing Institute