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Ask The Builder:
How Hard Can Drywall Be?
8/19/2019 10:24 AM
QUESTION #1: I’m building a new home and because of the booming economy and shortage of great help, I might be forced to hang and finish the drywall myself. I’ve done a few repairs here and there and wonder if it’s really possible to pull off DIY drywall work on a larger scale. Don’t sugarcoat […] The post Read More
August 18, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
8/18/2019 9:16 AM
Are you a new subscriber? I"m about to summon my fellow New Hampshire wizards to cast a protective spell on you and all your underwater allies - assuming you fish - so that you"re blessed with good fortune in all your home improvement endeavors. Catching fish is on you. If you happen to be a […] The post Read More
Water Armor Shower Arm Installation Fitting
8/13/2019 10:47 AM
Water Armor Shower Arm Installation Fitting Did you ever wonder how that chrome gooseneck shower arm connects to the water line behind the wall? Well, wonder no more and get a made-in-the-USA Water Armor shower arm fitting! Here"s a screenshot of the above video. If you want to watch the video, CLICK the image ABOVE […] The post Read More
Restoring Rusty Paraphernalia and Water on AC Units
8/12/2019 9:47 AM
Restoring Rusty Paraphernalia QUESTION #1: What can you tell me about painting rusty metal? I want a fast and easy method to repaint an assortment of things in my garage and shed. Do you have to remove all the rust before you paint? Are there secret non-toxic chemicals that will remove rust? What paint would […] The post Read More
August 11, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
8/12/2019 6:57 AM
Did you just subscribe in the past week? TNX as we say in Morse. I"ll do my best to save you lots of time and sweet moola in this and future newsletters. You might be an older, not age mind you, subscriber. Thanks for sticking around and this issue might astound you. As Kenny Chesney […] The post Read More
Tim Carter Reads
8/11/2019 7:02 AM
The following is a list of books I"ve read. You"ll discover quickly I"m enamored with history with a sprinkling of mystery thrillers. In a display of shame-filled vanity, I listed my own book, Roofing Ripoff, at the top of the list. In all seriousness, it"s the one you should read first as it only takes […] The post Read More
Klein Wireless Speaker Review
8/10/2019 4:01 PM
Klein Wireless Speaker | AEPJS-1 I tested the Klein wireless speaker a week ago and I fell in love with it. Too many other job site speakers are too big or they just don"t have the features that make them spectacular. CLICK or TAP HERE for the full specifications and order form. Does it Have […] The post Read More
Flushable Wipes Testing Video
8/5/2019 11:19 AM
"It’s important to realize I knew the Responsible Flushing Alliance would challenge my video findings...." Flushable Wipes Test Video - The Truth is Out There at the End of the Pipe You may have been one who responded to me three months ago. Remember the column I wrote about how flushable wipes clog sewers? I […] The post Read More
Flushable Wipes Test Video
8/5/2019 9:34 AM
Flushable Wipes Video | Watch this video to see what happens with name-brand flushable wipes when flushed in a normal household toilet. Flushable Wipes - Not Great for Septic Systems Not Terrible For City Sewers CLICK or TAP HERE to read my original column about these products. CLICK or TAP HERE to read the complaint […] The po...Read More
Responsible Flushing Alliance Letter to
8/5/2019 9:23 AM
This is the actual text I received from the public relations person who represents the Responsible Flushing Alliance. This letter, in the form of an email, was in response to my Flushable Wipes Clog Sewers column that was published by many newspapers all across the USA. Responsible Flushing Alliance - Letter Challenging Column ...Read More