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April 3, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
4/3/2020 1:09 PM
I’m pretty sure you might be a new subscriber. Thanks for your trust in me during these trying times. On the flip side, this could be your second edition or your 873rd one. Yes, I’ve been producing this newsletter since 1995 or so. Do you want to see just about every past one? CLICK or […] The post Read More
March 31, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
3/31/2020 7:25 AM
You’re new here, right? We need to have a little talk. First and foremost, I’m really happy you’re here. Second, when you leave a room, please turn out the lights. Third, please watch the video on this page just below the treasure map and know that I do have a sense of humor and a […] The post Read More
Free Home Improvement Help
3/30/2020 12:05 PM
Free Home Improvement Help on the Phone There’s not a doubt in my mind that you’ve been directly affected by the current health crisis that’s sweeping over the USA like a plague of plant-devouring locusts mentioned numerous times in the Bible. These are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary effort from many of us, […] ...Read More
Tim Carter Calls You
3/30/2020 10:27 AM
Tim Carter may call you to help you during the health crisis. If he does, he"s going to record the call. Please read my LEGAL TERMS. The call is FREE. Loading… The post Tim Carter Calls You appeared first on Read More
Garbage Disposal Freezes Up
3/29/2020 10:48 AM
Garbage Disposal Freezes Up - Super Simple Fix Ann lives in Greensboro, North Carolina and her garbage disposal freezes up. Here"s what she wrote to me: "Tim, I live in a 14-year-old townhouse with almost all original equipment. The garbage disposal keeps rusting and freezing up because I don"t need to use it often. I"ve […] The pos...Read More
New Window in Stucco Wall – Don’t Get Radical
3/29/2020 7:58 AM
New Window in Stucco Wall - A Mistake Can Cost You Big $$$ How Do You Install a New Window in a Stucco Wall? You can install a new window in a stucco wall any number of ways. The best way is to get a new window to fit within the confines of the existing […] The post Read More
March 29, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
3/29/2020 7:57 AM
Hello! My gosh, it’s so wonderful to meet you. There’s nothing like a new subscriber. Trust me, you’ll feel welcome here and there are no quirky initiation ceremonies. Well, there"s one. Each new subscriber is required to watch this video to see how silly I can be! Ready? Did I fool you? You’ve got Charlie […] The post Read More
Clean Refrigerator Condenser Coil
3/27/2020 1:51 PM
Clean Refrigerator Condenser Coil - Save Big Money on Repairs Clean your refrigerator condenser coil every few months. This coil looks like the radiator in your car and can get clogged with dust. Why Should I Clean the Coil? The refrigerator has to work harder if the coil is clogged with dirt and hair. A […] The post Read More
Sewer Gas Smell Vent Pipe
3/27/2020 10:45 AM
Sewer Gas Smell Vent Pipe Some people have a sewer gas smell in their yards. The odor comes out of the vent pipes up on the roof. Here"s how to stop the odor: The post Sewer Gas Smell Vent Pipe appeared first on Read More
Lot Drainage Solutions Prevent Flooding
3/27/2020 8:52 AM
Lot Drainage Solutions - Some are Tough To Do Do you have lot drainage problems as Arlen does? When it rains hard water can flow into his garage in the photo above. Here"s a lot near my home that requires at least two lot drainage solutions: What Causes Lot Drainage Problems? Flat ground is the […] The post Read More