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Ask The Builder:
Very Last Call Newsletter
1/17/2022 6:49 AM
Kathie Comment - Digital Library The $29.99 price for FIXED-INCOME folks goes away FOREVER in ONE HOUR. At 6:01 PM Eastern Time on January 16, 2022, the lowest you can purchase it for will be $49.99. Kathie wrote to me: "You are truly priceless, Tim---as is your advice. Thank you for this very generous offer. Read More
Last Call – Digital Library
1/17/2022 6:40 AM
The $29.99 price for FIXED-INCOME folks goes away FOREVER in six hours. At 6:01 PM Eastern Time on January 16, 2022, the lowest you can purchase it for will be $49.99. CLICK or TAP HERE to order it now. Thanks. Tim Carter Founder - The post Read More
January 16, 2022 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
1/17/2022 6:36 AM
Newsletter #1165 (I think...) My my my. I"m so glad you"re here. This might be your first issue. This one is pretty standard, although I"ve added a few subtle changes. You, though, might have started our friendship back with issue #874. It doesn"t matter. That"s a sentence I"ve been using quite a bit lately on Read More
Versions of Music for a Found Harmonium
1/16/2022 7:36 AM
Music for a Found Harmonium - Happy Music Indeed I first heard this amazing song created by the founder of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra at the end of the Napoleon Dynamite movie. It"s one of my favorite movies of all time because it"s a simple teenage love story. The Napoleon Dynamite movie reminded me of Read More
Weego Jump Starter
1/15/2022 9:31 AM
Weego Jump Starter Lithium Power Pack - We do Go! I received a Weego jump starter 66 about two years ago. It"s now called the Weego 70. Two days ago I finally used it to start my truck that had been sitting for five days in bitter-cold weather. It"s a giant V8 engine in a Read More
Heat Loss Calculator Tools
1/15/2022 8:01 AM
Heat Loss Calculator Tools - Easy to Use Heat loss calculator tools help you discover how fast heat seeps out of your home. You need a building heat loss calculator to properly size a furnace or boiler. How to Calculate Heat Loss There are lots of great free online tools that allow you to perform Read More
January 2, 2022 AsktheBuilder Announcement
1/12/2022 12:51 PM
Special Announcement - Last Call This is REALLY FAST. If you subscribed after 4 AM this past Sunday, this is not going to make sense. Hang in there with me. This message to you is what I call at the Ask the Builder world headquarters a Shot-Across-the-Bow email alert. This coming Sunday, January 16, 2022, Read More
January 9, 2022 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
1/10/2022 6:13 AM
Issue #1164 (I think) You could be one of the hundreds of new subscribers in the past seven days. If I was a betting man, or had access to my newsletter subscription software :-> , I"d say you probably hail from Chicagoland and read my column each week in the Chicago Tribune. Chicago is my Read More
Free Ask the Builder Gifts – Part 2 of 2
1/3/2022 6:54 AM
This is part two of a two-part column series. In last week’s column, I shared how a huge tsunami inflation wave is cresting and about to wash over you. You can’t afford to waste a penny on home improvement projects. I decided to gift you some helpful products that ensure you preserve as much of Read More
January 2, 2022 AsktheBuilder Very Special Newsletter
1/3/2022 6:01 AM
If you"re a new subscriber, what a first issue to receive! In the 25+ years I"ve published this newsletter, I"ve NEVER done one like this. PLEASE READ it closely. If you"ve subscribed after December 12, 2021, you should really read that past issue first. The inflation I talked about three weeks ago is worse. Much Read More