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Selecting Exterior Paint Colors & Covering AC Units
7/18/2019 7:08 AM
Selecting Exterior Paint Colors QUESTION #1: Please help me, Tim! I’m trying to select a new color for the outside of my house. I’m frozen and unable to make a decision looking at samples on a brochure. I don’t want to make a mistake. Please share a few tips that can relieve my anxiety like […] The post Read More
Cover AC Unit in Winter
7/17/2019 3:32 PM
"When you opened up and read the owners manual about this, what was the manufacturer"s recommendation?” Cover AC Unit in Winter - Simple Question - Not-so-Simple Answer QUESTION: Tim, I want your opinion. Is it a good idea to cover my AC unit in winter? Joseph D., Pingree Grove, IL This is a question that […] The post Read More
House Paint Color Ideas – Drive Around
7/17/2019 3:21 PM
"If your roof makes up lots of what you see when you view your home from the street, you need to make sure the color of the roof compliments the house colors." House Paint Color Ideas - Drive Around & Cruise the Internet Too Please help me, Tim! I’m trying to select a new color […] The post Read More
July 14, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
7/14/2019 6:58 AM
If you"re a new subscriber, please stand now. "Welcome!" (roaring applause from 45,000+ other subscribers) If you"re a long-standing subscriber give yourself a pat on the back for your loyalty. Be sure to tell any new subscriber you see that juice boxes and fruit rollups are never distributed here at GE Washer & Dryer [...Read More
GE 4.6 Capacity Top Load Washer Review
7/13/2019 7:09 AM
GE Top Load Washer - 4.6 Cubic Feet of Clothes July 12, 2019 - The washer has been installed for just 48 hours. Testing is commencing. There are more photos below the videos. The good news is it works well on the first few loads of normal clothes. I"ll have much more information in the […] The post Read More
Drywall Requires Muscle and House-Cracking Noises
7/8/2019 10:00 AM
Drywall Requires Muscle QUESTION #1: Tim, I need your honest advice. I’m seriously pondering installing new drywall in a room addition while I’m on vacation. I’ve watched cable TV shows, numerous online videos and read a few articles. It really doesn’t appear to be that hard. I’ve got a few helpers so I’m convinced we […] The post <...Read More
July 7, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
7/8/2019 6:19 AM
You could be a new subscriber. Be sure to let me know if I"m able to save you some time and money with this issue. You may be a subscriber that"s been here for quite some time. If so, ring the bell or sound off if I"ve helped you too. The summer heat is building […] The post Read More
Window Flashing Tape Leaking
7/1/2019 11:33 AM
"That remarkable simple and effective building detail is being sacrificed at the altar of Build-it-Faster." Window Flashing Tape Leaking I’ve been wanting to write this column for years. The topic has been a burr under my saddle, but I needed to base the column on proof, not speculation. That proof arrived last week in a […] The pos...Read More
June 30, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
6/30/2019 9:28 AM
You could be a brand new subscriber. (light celebratory fireworks fuse!) Welcome! (bright lights in sky and BOOM BOOM BOOM noises) You might be a subscriber that"s been here long enough to have thought once or twice that it might be a good idea for me to tone it down. (Boo and Hiss sounds from […] The post Read More
June 26, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
6/26/2019 6:31 AM
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