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Ask The Builder:
October 20. 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
10/21/2019 7:17 AM
Did you just subscribe in the last week? Here"s a tip: Be sure each week you CLICK at least one link in each issue so this newsletter continues to make it into your inbox. Are you a long-time subscriber? I did some housekeeping two days ago and the same advice applies. If you want a […] The post Read More
DIY Electrical Wiring
10/14/2019 8:37 AM
DEAR TIM: It’s a very long story and don’t think I’m crazy. I’m building a new home and wondering if I can install all the electrical wiring myself. It’s not a big home, but it’s got all the things going on you’d normally have in a home including quite a few 3 and 4-way switches. […] The post Read More
October 13, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
10/14/2019 8:26 AM
You very likely could be a new subscriber. I"m so glad you"re here. Let"s see if I can WOW you with the first issue! You might be a subscriber that"s seen it all and you"re yawning right now saying, "Okay Tim, just get on with the tips and cool photos. Do you have a video […] The post Read More
Gladiator Foldaway Work Station
10/12/2019 7:35 AM
Gladiator Foldaway Work Station - Beefy & Easy to Assemble My wife Kathy needed some heavy-duty shelving to help her store supplies for her orchid-growing hobby. I felt the Gladiator Foldaway Work Station would be just the thing and both of us are now happy. While you may not grow orchids, you surely will find […] The post Read More
Natural Discoloration Stains in Granite Countertops & Drywall Joint Banding
10/10/2019 12:20 PM
Natural Discoloration Stains in Granite Countertops QUESTION #1: Tim, we just moved into an existing home that’s got granite countertops. When we looked at the house there were cleverly placed trivets in certain places. I’ve come to discover they were hiding what appears to be rust stains deep in the granite but I really can’t […] T...Read More
September 29, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
9/29/2019 9:07 AM
You may be a new subscriber this week. I was on vacation and hope you settled in okay. This is NOT a normal newsletter. You"ll see why in a moment. Hang in there until next week for a home-improvement injection. If you"re a hardened subscriber who"s a road warrior like me, then you know what […] The post Read More
Stone Foundation Repair Rebuild
9/23/2019 5:48 AM
DEAR TIM: I’m thinking of buying a dilapidated old frame house out in the country. It’s got a stone foundation that seems to me to be too close to the ground. Are stone foundations adequate and strong? Is it possible to add more stone or concrete to get the foundation higher? How would you recommend […] The post Read More
September 22, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
9/22/2019 7:13 AM
You could be a new subscriber. If so, greetings and solutions as my late father-in-law would say. He was a great man. I learned so much from him! Should you be a subscriber in good standing for the past twenty-four years, oh the tales you could tell! What I Did Last Saturday Remember those "What […] The post Read More
Attic Trusses Design
9/22/2019 6:21 AM
This video shows you just about all you need to know about attic trusses. In case you do have questions, PLEASE click the two links just below and read my past columns about attic trusses. That saves me from typing the answer twice. Attic Trusses Column #1 Attic Trusses Column #2 The #2 column has […] The post Read More
Concrete Deck Foundation Details
9/20/2019 8:46 AM
DEAR TIM: I’m concerned about the concrete deck base that’s fully above ground at my new home. The other decks in our development have the concrete piers below ground. Shouldn’t the concrete be completely buried to protect against freezing and cracking in the winter months? What do you feel are the best concrete deck foundation […] ...Read More