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The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), founded in 1976, is North America’s oldest and largest professional society of home inspectors. ASHI’s goals have always been to build customer awareness of the importance of a quality home inspection and enhance the professionalism of home inspectors. Today, with 6,000+ members and ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors80+ chapters, ASHI is the largest and most respected professional association for home inspectors in North America. Through ASHI’s continued efforts, ASHI's Standards of Practice—covering all of a home's major systems—are now part of many pieces of state legislation and are recognized by consumers as the authoritative standard for rofessional home inspection. Certified ASHI Home Inspectors are trained to objectively communicate to you, the home inspection buyer, what the house has to say. Certified ASHI Home Inspectors have demonstrated technical proficiency and report-writing skills, and they have committed to continuing education in order to achieve andBuyer's Choice Home Inspection - Tampa Bay Certified Master Home Inspector maintain their member status. Certified ASHI Home Inspectors are committed to conducting inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice; committed to abiding by the ASHI Code of Ethics and are dedicated to providing superior customer service. ASHI Members deliver more than a home inspection, they deliver the ASHI Experience.

There are no federal laws governing home inspectors. We are regulated only by the individual states. Unfortunately, the State of Florida is one of just a few remaining states that has yet to regulate the home inspection business – how can you be sure that your inspector is adequately qualified, experienced, and trustworthy? One way is through professional home inspector associations. A few of them require minimum training, education, experience, and adherence to ethical standards – at least one widely known organization merely requires home inspection candidates to take a very simple on-line test, in the comfort of their homes, and possibly with someone else actually taking the test for them. Once they easily pass the on-line test, they mail in a check to become an instant home inspector. Be very carefull when scrutinizing your home inspectors, and be sure to check out the individual associations to evaluate their individual requirements. To be safe, you can't go wrong by ensuring that your home inspector is a Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

The Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of The American Society of Home Inspectors

The Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of The American Society of Home Inspectors (Spanish)

Suncoast ASHI Standards of Practice - Optional Inspected Areas

As a Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), you can be assured that not only am I qualified, but I also adhere to the association’s standards of practice and code of ethics. You can find more information about ASHI at their website,

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It is recommended that you choose a home inspector who is a Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), Registered Professional Inspector with the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI), and ICC code certified as a Residential Combination Inspector.

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