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Ask The Builder:
May 26, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
5/26/2017 9:24 AM
I"ve waited for this day for over eighteen months. My Roofing Ripoff book is NOW AVAILABLE in paperback as a print-on-demand via CreateSpace. CreateSpace is a cool company that owns. It allows authors to bypass the traditional publishing rat maze of getting a book printed and distributed. Years ago if you were going to […...Read More
Flagpole Tips
5/25/2017 6:21 AM
Flagpoles can be purchased, or use these ideas for your homemade version. These flag pole tips and facts will help assure that your residential flagpole is installed well and will properly support our American flag, even in strong winds....Read More
May 23, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
5/23/2017 10:20 AM
Last Thursday my youngest daughter Kelly helped me finish installing the dock here at the lake. It lifts up and down like a castle drawbridge that crosses a moat. You have to lift the dock out of the water in the fall so the lake ice doesn"t destroy it. Cedar wood panels that create the […...Read More
Coast HP8R LED Flashlight Review
5/22/2017 3:06 PM
I"ve had more flashlights than I care to remember. Thirty years ago, I remember the craze swirling around the aluminum Mag flashlights. They were the belle of the ball in the early 1980s as it was introduced in 1979. I owned several and I have to admit, they were a vast improvement over the unreliable flashlights […...Read More
Belt Sanding Tips Video
5/22/2017 2:15 PM
Tim Carter shows how to use a belt sander to remove the finish on a piece of furniture...Read More
How to Stain Wood
5/22/2017 2:12 PM
Perfect wood stains on soft wood are hard to get unless you use a professional secret. The wood stain magic of professional painters has been kept from us for many years. The secrets of getting perfect results when staining any wood are now revealed!...Read More
DIY Acrylic Shower Walls
5/22/2017 10:48 AM
DIY Acrylic Shower Walls TIPS Many different models and types to choose from Some acrylic showers have thin walls that need lots of work to install Wall studs must be plumb and not bowed Shower base must be level and installed in wet setting compound CLICK HERE to Get Tim"s FREE & FUNNY Newsletter! DEAR […...Read More
Circuit Breakers Types
5/22/2017 6:52 AM
Circuit breakers are primarily designed to protect the wiring in your home. They ensure the wires will not overheat which can lead to fires and they also detect short circuits. But if you plug cords into outlets that exceed the voltage the breaker protects, it can spark a fire....Read More
Gladiator Mobile Workstation
5/21/2017 7:18 AM
I"m lucky and get to review new products you might use around your home. Yesterday I had the pleasure to assemble the Gladiator Mobile Workstation. My first impression was one of wonder as I moved the box to open it. It was heavy. Heavy almost always means quality, durability and goodness. What did the folks […...Read More
Concrete Laundry Tub
5/21/2017 6:32 AM
Concrete Laundry Tub TIPS Concrete sinks are fantastic. Do not get rid of one! Valuable!! Contain high amounts of Portland cement and wire mesh reinforcing WATCH concrete epoxy video below Use Stain Solver oxygen bleach to deep clean concrete CLICK HERE to Get Tim"s FREE & FUNNY Newsletter! DEAR TIM: I have a 1938 Cape […...Read More