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Ask the Builder:
Thanksgiving 2017 AsktheBuilder Greeting
11/22/2017 8:42 AM
I"m going to make this as short as possible. Hang in there if you can - especially if you want a great deal on Stain Solver - BLACK FRIDAY SALE today baby! Thanks to You I don"t say this as often as I should - I"m so very thankful for you. You may not realize […] The post Read More
How to Repair Wood Rot
11/20/2017 8:56 AM
How to Repair Wood Rot Video Repair wood rot is what your significant other asks you to do. But you don"t know the best way. To put it differently, you don"t know what"s product to use and what will last. Repair Wood Rot Using Epoxy The first thing to remember is you need to use […] The post Read More
How to Cut Mexican Tile
11/20/2017 8:52 AM
How to Cut Mexican Tile Video It"s very easy to cut Mexican tile. To put it another way, it"s one of the easiest tiles you"ll ever cut in your career. Soft and Absorbent Mexican tile is not hard because it was fired at a lower temperature and for a shorter amount of time while it […] The post Read More
How to Fix a Cracked Patio
11/20/2017 8:48 AM
How to Fix a Cracked Patio Video "Fix cracked patio" is probably the last item on your honey-do list you want to see. You don"t think it"s possible to hide the crack and you think it will take all day. Fix Cracked Patio Fast The first thing to remember is it"s easier and faster to […] The post Read More
How to Remove Patio Tiles
11/20/2017 8:22 AM
How to Remove Patio Tiles Video You can remove patio tiles in a flash using a cordless rotary chipping hammer. For one thing, your back is going to love you. A power tool with a 3/4-inch flat chipping chisel can remove full tiles in seconds if you get under the tile. Related Links Demolition Gloves […] The post Read More
How to Install Mexican Tile
11/20/2017 8:18 AM
Install Mexican tile? You bet you can do it. It"s much easier than you can imagine. Install Mexican Tile On Smooth Slabs Mexican tile is soft because it"s not fired long in a hot kiln. The concrete slab under the tile needs to be very strong so the tile doesn"t crack. The concrete slab should […] The post Read More
How to Grout Mexican Tile
11/20/2017 8:14 AM
How to Grout Mexican Tile Video Grout Mexican tile - it"s a simple job if you do it in the right conditions and understand how water is both your friend and foe. Mexican tile is a unique product that by its very nature absorbs water very fast. If too much water leaves the grout too […] The post Read More
How to Use a Spade Bit
11/20/2017 8:07 AM
How to Use a Spade Bit Video A spade bit is an affordable drill accessory you"ll come to love. These paddle bits, their old name from years ago, can devour wood in seconds. Screw Tips and Teeth I"ve used spade bits for decades. The old one just had a pointed tip like an arrow and […] The post Read More
How to Use a Drill Driver
11/20/2017 8:02 AM
How to Use a Drill Driver Video A cordless drill driver is a magnificent tool that will save you time. This two-in-one power tool will also prevent lots of frustration. Drill Driver Saves Your Wrist My drill driver does a great job of preventing fatigue. Decades ago you had to turn screws by hand or […] The post Read More
November 19, 2017 AsktheBuilder Forgets
11/20/2017 7:18 AM
A few hours ago I sent out a news blast. I forgot two things!!! "Comment Held for Approval" I asked you to watch my new video format and then comment at the bottom of the page. You may have commented and typed it a second time because after clicking SUBMIT you didn"t immediately see your […] The post Read More