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5/23/2018 6:57 AM
Are you a newbie subscriber? Hello and welcome! Are you a subscriber in good standing? Thanks! Last week I was offered a job. I took it. I get no pay, in fact it costs me money to do the job. Crazy, right? It"s about passion, fun and fumes. I"m now the Director of Communications for […] The post Read More
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A Bucket of Water and Real Whitewash
5/21/2018 8:33 AM
A Bucket Of Water Question #1: Tim, I was really grossed out this past weekend. A toilet clogged in our home and while using a normal plunger some of the nasty water squirted up on me. It was horrible. Then you have to clean the yucky plunger. ICK!!! Is there a safer and more sanitary […] The post Read More
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